Products used


Written by Luke Jones. Published in January 2023.

  • Heavy Machinery

    Table saws, Jointer-planers, Router tables, Bandsaws, Lathes, Drill presses, Shapers, Miter saws, Spindle sanders, Mortisers

    Important characteristics in Heavy Machinery
    • DurabilityThe machinery should be able to withstand frequent and tough use.
    • AccuracyThe machinery should produce precise cuts and shapes with minimal effort.
    • SafetyThe machinery should have safety features designed to prevent accidents and injury.
    • EfficiencyThe machinery should be able to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.
    • User-FriendlinessThe machinery should be easy to use and understand.
  • Industrial Storage

    Tool boxes, Workbenches, Cabinets, Racks, Shelving units, Tool chests, Tool carts, Hanging bins, Wall-mounted organizers, Mobile workstations

    Important characteristics in Industrial Storage
    • DurabilityIndustrial storage needs to be strong and durable in order to hold the necessary equipment and materials for woodworking.
    • SafetyIndustrial storage needs to provide safety for workers and their tools and materials. It should be able to secure items and prevent accidental damage.
    • OrganizationIndustrial storage should be organized and efficient in order to allow for easy accessibility and improved workflow.
    • FlexibilityIndustrial storage should be flexible and adjustable to accommodate different sizes and shapes of materials and tools.
  • Lifts & Hoists

    Table Saw Lifts, Radial Arm Saw Hoists, Band Saw Hoists, Panel Saw Lifts, Miter Saw Lifts, Jointer Lifts, Planer Lifts, Router Table Lifts, Drill Press Hoists, Lathe Hoists

    Important characteristics in Lifts & Hoists
    • DurabilityLifts & Hoists should be made with durable materials that can withstand the usage in a woodworking environment.
    • Lifting CapacityThe lift & hoist should be able to lift enough weight to accommodate the woodworking projects.
    • Safety FeaturesThe lift & hoist should be equipped with safety features that will make it safe to use in a woodworking environment.
    • Ease of UseThe lift & hoist should be easy to use, allowing the user to quickly and efficiently move the woodworking project.
    • PriceThe lift & hoist should be reasonably priced, making it accessible to woodworking enthusiasts of all budgets.
  • Work Safety Protective Gear

    Safety Goggles, Dust Masks, Hearing Protection, Respirators, Gloves, Steel-Toe Boots, Steel-Toe Shoes, Safety Aprons, Hard Hats, Face Shields

    Important characteristics in Work Safety Protective Gear
    • DurabilityThe ability of the protective gear to withstand wear and tear over time.
    • BreathabilityThe ability of the fabric to allow air to pass through, resulting in improved comfort and safety.
    • ComfortThe ability of the protective gear to be comfortable when worn, providing the user with a sense of security and confidence.
    • VisibilityThe ability of the protective gear to be visible in low-light or hazardous environments.
    • CostThe affordability of the protective gear, so that it is accessible to those who need it.
  • Benches

    Garden Benches, Park Benches, Porch Benches, Deck Benches, Patio Benches, Picnic Benches, Fire Pit Benches, Potting Benches, Storage Benches, Entryway Benches

    Important characteristics in Benches
    • SturdinessThe bench should be sturdy enough to handle the weight of heavy tools, multiple users and numerous projects.
    • DurabilityThe bench should be built to last and be able to withstand wear and tear, as well as extreme temperatures.
    • FunctionalityThe bench should have adjustable features to accommodate multiple projects and users and have a surface that is conducive to woodworking.
    • Ease of AssemblyThe bench should not be complicated to assemble, and should include all necessary instructions and parts for assembly.
    • PortabilityThe bench should be lightweight and compact enough to be easily moved and transported between spaces.
  • Cabinets & Storage

    Cabinets, Cupboards, Shelving Units, Pantry Units, Bookcases, Sideboards, Chest of Drawers, Blanket Chests, Night Stands, Wine Racks

    Important characteristics in Cabinets & Storage
    • DurabilityThe ability of a product to withstand normal wear and tear and remain in good working condition.
    • VersatilityThe ability to be used in a variety of different purposes or in different ways.
    • QualityThe degree of excellence or superiority of a product.
    • AestheticsThe appreciation of beauty or good taste in the visual arts, especially in architecture.
    • ValueThe worth or usefulness of a product in terms of its price.
  • Carts & Islands

    Router Tables, Tool Cabinets, Sawhorses, Wood Lathes, Workbenches, Drill Presses, Jointers, Bandsaws, Shapers, Planers, Table Saws, Miter Saws, Spindle Sanders, Spindle Shapers, Carts & Islands

    Important characteristics in Carts & Islands
    • DurabilityWoodworking carts and islands should be made of sturdy and durable materials to ensure longevity.
    • PortabilityWoodworking carts and islands should be light enough to move around the workshop or garage.
    • StorageWoodworking carts and islands should have a variety of compartments, drawers, and shelves to store tools and materials.
    • OrganizationWoodworking carts and islands should have an organized layout to keep tools and materials neatly arranged.
    • SafetyWoodworking carts and islands should have a secure locking mechanism to keep tools and materials safe.
  • Chair Accessories

    Chair Glides, Caster Wheels, Chair Leg Caps, Chair Connectors, Chair Arms, Chair Brackets, Chair Back Slats, Chair Footrests, Chair Spindles, Chair Sliders

    Important characteristics in Chair Accessories
    • DurabilityChair accessories should be made of materials that are durable and long lasting.
    • SafetyChair accessories should be designed with safety in mind and be free of any sharp edges or hazardous parts.
    • AestheticsChair accessories should be visually attractive and complement the design of the chair.
    • FunctionalityChair accessories should perform their intended function without issue and be easy to operate.
    • Ease of InstallationChair accessories should be designed for quick and easy installation.
    • Cost EffectivenessChair accessories should provide good value for money and be cost effective.
  • Chairs

    Adirondack Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Dining Chairs, Folding Chairs, Bar Stools, Recliners, Lounge Chairs, Wingback Chairs, Occasional Chairs, Director's Chairs

    Important characteristics in Chairs
    • DurabilityThe ability of furniture to withstand wear and tear over time
    • DesignThe aesthetic appeal of the chair, including the shape, color, and materials used
    • ComfortThe amount of comfort that the chair provides to the user, including the quality of the cushioning and the ergonomics of the design
    • PriceThe cost of the chair relative to other chairs in the same category
  • Furniture Sets

    Bedroom Furniture Sets, Dining Room Furniture Sets, Living Room Furniture Sets, Home Office Furniture Sets, Patio Furniture Sets, Kids Furniture Sets, Entertainment Center Furniture Sets, Outdoor Furniture Sets, Bar Furniture Sets, Bathroom Furniture Sets

    Important characteristics in Furniture Sets
    • DurabilityThe furniture set must be able to withstand everyday wear and tear.
    • DesignThe furniture set must have a design that is aesthetically pleasing and fits the customer’s style.
    • CraftsmanshipThe furniture set must be made with high quality materials and expert craftsmanship.
    • FunctionalityThe furniture set must serve its purpose and fulfill the customer’s needs.
    • ValueThe furniture set must be cost-effective and provide good value for the customer.